Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Day last!

Well, here I am actually just wanting to find out how to set up a website so that my fiance, Joanne,so that she can do her online tarot readings. So for those interrested in tarot readings, let me know. She is really good.

There were a few names I considered for this blog, one being eclipse, the other inspiration.
I chose neither, purely for spelling reasons(ha-ha). No seriously, think about it...eclipse: a moment of darkness that soon passes, but at some stage returns, if only for a brief period....
inspiration: something or someone who generally makes you do(or feel) something out of the ordinary.

We all stand still at some stage looking at the darkness, some in awe, others in fear.....then the light returns and for some reason we feel enegized and eager to continue with our lives, knowing very well that there might be another "eclipse" in the future. Here's the don't have to stop and stare when the darkness comes. Just look carefully and you'll see the rim of light surrounding the dark spot ( and that is exactly what it is..a spot..and spots can be removed!). The light is always there, just slightly obscured. You know it, I believe it. Take it in, it's yours for the taking. And don't forget to smile!!!